Window Leak Damage

Leaking Houses

Wow. I’ve been busy on my website again. I had been re-taping my window flanges after all the flashing went into place. I was never happy with that. Now, I’ve got the answer to making windows leakproof. I’m adding 1 more layer of metal to fit tightly inside the flange and extend over the tape covering the nailing flange. So far, I haven’t added those 2 pictures, but I did Hi-Lite the change in the first few paragraphs on the page.
Even if I don’t add any sealant there, it will be nearly bulletproof! If any water made it behind the newest, outer piece, it would be 99% less than without it. And it was nearly bulletproof without it!
Overkill? Yes, but No also. Other than roof leaks which show up early, window leaks literally destroy your home before the damage is noted, And I can tell you, the damage will be extensive by then. Cruise to the bottom ot the page if you don’t believe me.